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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Selfish, Shortsighted Neighbors

The selfish, shortsighted views of neighbors like [LA Times] letter writer Jim Blumel Sr. are why the Santa Clarita Valley, pristine little over a decade ago, now has some of the worst air in the country. It has to do with poor development planning of housing ( huge, thoughtless, waterless, tract housing owned by people that don’t even live here) and freeways, as well as a cavalier “I have a Hummer, so I’ll damn well exercise my American right to just pick up my photos at Sav-on in it” mentality. He says “Whatever negative impact occurs to the environment [due to oil-drilling], it would be a small and necessary trade-off to save us all from impending disaster.” This is wrong! We need the planet, it doesn’t need us. That’s like saying the cherry is in charge of the sundae. We can leech everything we can from our country, sure. Become one big, ugly Texas. What then? The oil is gone, the environment choked, and it’s too late to turn solar (one of many infinite energy sources yet to be developed). So the whole country is a toxic mess, what then? Humans die off. The few left with the most gun power rule our land, taking over the last gallons of oil by killing for it, a la “Mad Max.”

It’s time for a reality check. Unless you are extra-terrestrial, environmental protection is in your best interest. If you are among the evangelical Christians that believe Jesus is coming back real soon, try to remember the trinity. He may very well choose the year 3000 to come back. In that case, killing ourselves off in the meantime just amounts to less work for Him.

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