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Friday, January 21, 2005

Re: Daily News “Eye for an eye” (Your Opinion, Jan.21)

I’d like to respond to the letter writer who’s question was “Why don’t these people (that ‘get angry when the criminal system sends someone to die for his or her crime’) get angry at the criminal who thinks he is God by ending the life of others?” The answer is I do get angry. I am angered by unnecessary death, period. The evil, insanity, or combination thereof that compels someone to commit murder is wrong, and bad, and should not be repeated. It is unnecessary. Isolating someone until they die is akin to sending a child to the corner to really think about what they have done, forever. They spend the rest of their lives (at a much lower cost to taxpayers) trying to reflect, repent, and perhaps even redeem themselves on some level. Is that not better than we, as a society that condemns it, also committing unnecessary murder?

[This letter to the Daily News was published Jan. 26, 2005]

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