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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Re: “Opponents of ‘Clear Skies’ Bill Examined”, Feb 19

Are anti-environmentalists extraterrestrial, selfish and childless, or just greedy?

Andrew Wheeler, the majority staff director of the Environment and Public Works Committee, considers environmentalists “outside interests.” The funding, Wheeler said, “goes to who they’re speaking for.” Mr. Wheeler and Sen. Inhofe are clearly speaking for “inside interests,” as in “industry.” When pro-earth activists win, every living thing wins. Breathing is not just a private interest, it is fundamentally and crucially public. Environmental defenders are truly pro-life. They fight for the survival of everyone, including present and future generations of nature-haters. If Wheeler and the senator want to waste time and money treating environmentalists as the enemy, they should do so on industry's dime, not at the expense of trusting, air- loving taxpayers and their descendents.

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